Paid Search Advertising

Highly Targeted Paid Search Campaigns Optimized Weekly

Paid Search

Highly Targeted Paid Search
Campaigns Optimized Weekly

Why Do You Need Google AdWords?

  • Are you maximizing all channels to stay in front of your audience 100% of the time?
  • You can’t rely on SEO alone to dominate the search results—you’re limiting your sources of traffic and leads
  • Do you get visitors but none of them are converting to leads? Leads from paid ads are more likely to be ready to buy.

Google AdWords by the Numbers


boost in brand awareness
with search ads for business not currently using it


percentage of total clicks on commercial search queries results page that go to paid ads


Percentage of clicks on paid ads that are more likely to buy vs. clicks on organic results

Make your brand more visible

Our paid search services will provide you with a strategy that delivers quick returns for your business.

Measurable ROI
Get measurable ROI for every ad campaign – no more guessing when it comes to results.

Ensures your ads will appear to visitors who are likely to convert into paying customers.

Instant Results
Your ads will appear on search results in hours, so potential customers can immediately see it.

Complete keyword research including competitor research and negative keywords.

Ad Copy that entices your potential customers to click and learn more about your business.

Add extensions improve the prominence of your ads and valuable info to searchers.

Weekly Bid Optimization improves ROI with weekly adjustments based on performance.

Reporting: Setup Report, Analysis Report and AdWords Monthly Report.

Our Process to Get You Started

Putting your hard-earned cash on the line to market your business requires a streamlined and efficient Google AdWords campaign. Here’s how we do that for you.

Google Setup & Intake

Setup or Google Analytics & AdWords plus learning about your business.

Target Keyword Approval

After research & learning your business objectives we’ll submit keywords for approval.

Install Conversion Codes

We’ll install a tiny bit of code on your website to accurately track progress.

Approve and Launch

Approve account plan of keywords, ad groups, and ad copies and launch!

Monitor and Optimize

Performance monitoring and optimization based on data – ensures  ROI.

Packages Built for Your Return on Investment

Our Paid Advertisement Packages consist of a combination of Google AdWords text, display and remarketing ads. Each product provides a tailored strategy to exceed the goals of your business by leveraging our experience, technology, creativity, and internal methodology.

PPC Small Package


Ad Budget: up to $3,000/mo
Platform: Search Network Campaign

PPC Medium Package


Ad Budget: up to $5,000/mo
Platform: Search Network Campaign

PPC Large Package


Ad Budget: up to $10,000
Platform: Search Network Campaign

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