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Why Every Business Needs a Sales Funnel (even if you don’t know what one is…)

A sales funnel is just fancy marketing jargon for the process through which you generate new leads and nurture the relationship with these leads throughout the sales cycle.

Regardless of the type of business you’re in you’ll need to generate an ongoing supply of fresh leads while simultaneously selling to the prospects you already have in order to make your business very successful.

An interest-driven sales funnel is built to target your dream customers, create brand and product awareness, capture the prospect information, and then automatically guide them through the rest of your sales process so that when you finally present them your offer they are ready to buy.

Sales funnel marketing differs from other conventional campaigns in that it recognizes the various stages of the buying cycle and delivers the correct content to your prospects at the correct time. This allows your prospect to become educated about what you’re offering and to kindle desire so that the actual selling becomes quite easy as most of the heavy lifting has already been done.

Advertising is too expensive to rely on generic messaging to work.
An interest-driven sales funnel will consistently deliver high-quality leads that are ready to be sold.

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When you combine high level strategy, world-class copywriting, with top-shelf analytics and execution, nothing
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Goals & Objective

Before we begin, we make sure clear your objectives and our goals are clearly established so that we can track and measure our progress.

The Competitive Environment

We deep-dive into your competition to see what the best practices are in your particular industry so that your starting point will be based on proven tactics.

Dream Customers

We work to create “dream customer” personas, then use this data to create specific marketing funnels to target them appropriately.

Sales Funnel Strategy

Our standard funnel strategy is to target our clients dream customers with irresistible offers – usually something free or heavily discounted – so that we can capture their email address or use remarketing strategies to steadily increase brand and product awareness until our prospects are ripe for the close.

Build & Manage Campaigns

Using proven strategies, we build, optimize, and manage campaigns designed to educate, create desire, generate sales and maximize the lifetime value of your dream customers.

Analytics & Reporting

We are all about the science behind the marketing – all of our campaigns are created with robust analytics and reporting so that we maximize our ability to test and improve our strategy month after month. Reporting is provided to clients on a monthly basis in a comprehensive and easy-to-follow format.

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