In the rush to have a social media presence, many businesses are pumping out content as fast as their offshore resources can churn it out. Yes, the content has lots of keywords and yes it may have some marginal impact on your SEO efforts, but what message does it send to your prospective customers?

If you are trying to build a brand, your content needs to be top notch, representing you and your brand in a positive way.

When I read a blog that’s 500 – 1000 words long and it doesn’t answer any of my questions or provide me with any unique insights, that doesn’t really make me interested in you or your business. It’s filler and the digital world is cluttered with it. Stop it!

Content is great, but make sure yours isn’t crap. Stop passing along other people’s quotes – it’s lazy. You’re the expert, come up with something interesting or informative that provides value. This is the kind of content that will get shared, have relevance, and will identify you as a leader.

Share your insights. Tell stories about your business. Talk about best practices. Use case studies and product comparisons. Explain how to do something or how to fix something. Share testimonials. Make a video or a webinar. Engage your audience with the information they’re looking for.

If you can’t create your own content, make sure that the person that does is properly representing your brand. The message needs to have the right “voice” and “tone” for your target audience. Be bold. Have fun. And don’t be boring.